DSD playback limitations

My DAC (Gryphon Kalliope) will play up to DSD 512 natively. What are the DSD playback limits with Roon and are their any plans to increase them in the immediate future with Roon V1.1?

Hey @Simon – let me look into this. What operating system are you running Roon on?

Win 8.1 as the core/headless music server, OS X 10.10 for the remote, though that will change to iOS iPad when V1.1 is released.

Do you know of any EQ programs that work in with Roon?

Thank you

Hey @Simon – thanks for your patience here.

@brian went into some of the limitations of our current DSD support here.

We have some gear on the way to our test lab that should let us to test and enable expanded DSD support, but it won’t be ready in time for 1.1.

Thanks for checking @simon!