DSD playback on Mac shows as lossless 384KHz?[Solved]

DSD playback on Mac shows as lossless 384KHz?

Is this correct? It shows as 24bit.

I am using the IFI micro DSD.
As per Roon recommendation the DSD playback strategy is set to DoP.

Thank you.

Hey @Wouter_Kolkman,

It shouldn’t convert to PCM, can you take a screenshot of Signal Path and paste it here ?
Also, are you running the latest firmware on your DAC? iFi released new ver few days ago, try to upgrade and let us know how it goes.


Hi Vova,

Thank you for your reply

I am not at home at the moment so I cannot take a screenshot yet.

  • I have updated the iFi firmware a couple of days ago with the new version
  • also Roon is latest build

My mistake here!
The album I was referring to was purchased through NativeDSD.com - I assumed therefore that the recording was DSD.
This Beethoven 5 on Reference Recordings was purchased as a DXD file - so your identification was correct!

I guess this issue is solved.

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