DSD playback on Sound BlasterX G6 on Windows 10


Just acquired a USB soundcard: Sound Blaster X g6, which promises 384kHz playback as well as DSD128. On using either the ASIO or WASAPI connections from within Roon on a new Windows 10 desktop, both will play at 384kHz OK, but I cannot hear anything on DSD, either DSD64 or DSD128. All firmware and drivers are at latest versions.

Anyone else found problems with DSD on a Sound Blaster X sound card? Any wisdom you can share is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


According to spec it supports DoP only. Are you using DoP?

Flag @support

Thanks for your input.

I have solved the issue; I contacted Creative Support, and they said that for DSD, the G6 has to be set to “Direct” mode, effectively disabling all the added DSP modes in the G6 device. After doing this, I can hear DSD via DoP, at upto DSD128. Actually sounds pretty good!

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