DSD playback stutters

I have a few DSD titles. My Geek Out DAC is DSD and 2x DSD capable.

Whenever I attempt DAD, as DOP or native I get drops every couple of seconds. In the devices settings I select the DAC as WASAPI. The other software I use, JRiver 20, plays it perfectly on the same equipment.

What to do?

Hey @yoyoc,

Can you let me know what operating system you’re running, and what kind of storage device you’re using?


I am using an intel i5 8GB ram, ssd hdd, windows 8.1 professional.

So, all the music you’re playing is stored internally, on the SSD?

No I missed a point.

The music is stored on an external HDD USB 3.0.

The thing is that it plays perfect DSD on the other software I use.