DSD Playback with SMSL DO100 and Chord Qutest feedback ID ab5087ed54ff0194

Using RopieeeXL release 2022.06.04 (459) [stable], I can’t get DSD playback working with either of these devices. This isn’t a new problem with this release of Ropieee. I’ve never gotten DSD working with the Qutest on any of the prior RopieeeXL versions. The SMSL is a new device so only tried with this version of RopieeeXL. I’ve tried configuring DSD over DOP and tried DSD direct without success. I consider this a low priority problem since I can convert to PCM and don’t hear any difference. Just want to make it work since these devices should support it.

I sent feedback through the Ropieee web console and the Feedback ID is ab5087ed54ff0194. Typically the Raspi 4 that I use with this DAC is connected via ethernet but I’ve tried both ethernet and WiFi, also with no success with DSD. Not sure how it was connected when the log was cut.

I have success with DSD over DOP to a version 1 Khadas Tone Board with RopieeeXL 4.017 with that device running on WiFi and success with DSD over DOP to an RME ADI-2 running on DietPi Raspi, also on WiFi.

Let me know if you need any additional information, logs, or other.


Please share device settings, and signal path.

Not sure the Qutest can do native DSD in Linux only Windows with ASIO you need to use DoP which is supported up to 256. You need to enable in the settings.

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Yes, I know that Qutest can’t do native DSD. Per my OP, it doesn’t work when configured in Roon as DSD over DOP.

Thanks for jumping but waiting for @spockfish to take a look at the logs and let me know what sees or other info he may need. If I’ve made a configuration error then thinking it will show up in the logs. I’m running DSD successfully on two other raspi devices and have looked at the settings multiple times. Certainly possible that I’ve done something silly but I can’t see it.

The Qutest can do native DSD, up to DSD512, on Windows (ASIO) only. Linux and MacOS are driverless, so it’s DOP up to DSD256.

But I agree with you that this should work with Ropieee. I have the 2Qute and use a DigiONE and USB without issue.

Not entirely clear to me what you’re trying to achieve here …

One thing I can tell you: native DSD with a Chord is out of the question (I own a Chord myself). DoP works of course.

Keep in mind that for DoP things like DSP and volume control should be disabled, otherwise it’s being converted to PCM.


Which is why I asked @Douglas_Gardner for the signal path.

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I sorted it out. My music server is too marginal in its processing capabilities to handle everything that I was asking it to do. Backing off on some other tasks has it working reliably.