DSD question - intermittent “metallic” sound

When upsampling PCM to DSD128 from Roon Server to Bricasti M1 DAC, I’m getting an intermittent metallic sound during playback (not sure how to describe it better than that).

Conversion rate is hovering just above 8x. Roon Server is dedicated PC with 6-core CPU and 32gb RAM.


In SDM Gain Adjustment setting, set it to -6dB.

Thank you, Peter. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve the issue.

  • Enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator
  • Make sure you have not been doing any other Roon DSP Engine processing such as EQ, volume leveling, etc.
  • If not upsampling (i.e. a lossless signal path), does the same PCM track play perfectly without sounding strange?
  • Is there anything that can be configured in your DAC, such as DSD or low pass filter, DSD gain, etc.?
  • Try playing all the DSD128 stereo tracks here with a lossless signal path, see if they exhibit the anomalies you described: