DSD strategy - convert to PCM?

I have a Yulong DA9 DSD dac and an Allo Dietpi endpoint. Problem is that in the audio section it says DSD strategy - convert to PCM?! Why?

What is the actual endpoint you are using and what connection are you using? (USB, COAX?)

It is rhe ALLO USBRIDGE Aluminium and I use USB!

Probably the USBridge DietPi OS doesn’t support the DAC to do DSD

Linux and DSD can be problematic. To do native DSD, the Linux kernel needs to be patched, if possible.

You should ask both Yulong what you need to do to get native DSD in Linux with their product, and, contact DietPi @Dan_Knight to see if he can help. The device looks to use the XCOM USB chip.

Or, you can replace the ALLO USBBridge with a windows PC and run the drivers provided by Yulong for Windows.

It worked with the Raspberry Pi I had before ( Linux, native DSD)! It must be the Allo then! I will check with them!

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