DSD suddenly not playing when downconverted to PCM

I’ve been using Roon for about a year with my MicroRendu player/renderer and Directstream DAC. I have a small collection of DSD recordings which Roon has reliably converted to 352.8 PCM and played just fine. UNTIL TONIGHT. I had a series of minor issues and rebooted everything but didn’t change any settings. However NOW when I attempt to play DSD tracks, Roon only “tries” to play each track for about 3-4 seconds before moving onto the next track ultimately not playing anything. If I cursor over the signal path information while this is happening it does look as though Roon is doing its usual dsd to PCM conversion but then Roon goes to the next file and the next without ever playing anything. What’s the problem?

Hello @Paul,

Make sure that your MicroRendu is updated to the latest firmware version. The PS Audio DirectStream uses the XMOS USB chipset firmware that has a known issue when connected to Linux USB hosts. Sonore has released an update to help mitigate this issue from occurring.

There is some talk about this on the PS Audio forums


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