DSD through 176 PCM does not trigger the Radio Play at the end of the album

I just finished listening to two DSD files played through 176 PCM into my PWD MKII using NativeX. First they sound very good. Second after both albums, I thought it was set to start the Radio and it kept showing the Radio would start in so many minutes. Album ended and no Radio started. Same exact result playing a second DSD album.

Did the DSD albums you tried have any genre data? I find that if albums are not identified or have no genre then there is nothing for radio to seed from.


I checked and Roon didn’t have any identification for it. They were purchased albums from Blue Coast Records so I didn’t think about the Metadata not being out there. Now just have to figure out how to find the metadata.

I think the guys have a plan to do more with Radio to handle this type of scenario.

If we have some information about the artist or their other albums we do our best, but there’s a lot more on our roadmap to be done here.

We’re aware of the issue and working on it, so thanks for the feedback @audio2addict