DSD to PCM option not available under "General Settings" [Answered]

Win 7. Music Library on local Hard Drive. HDMI output to Receiver. Have DSD files but cannot transport, I’ve checked the Roon manual and it shows a setting to convert to PCM.

Hi @Kenneth_Suelzle ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, if you are looking for the the mentioned setting (i.e convert to PCM), this can be found by going to “settings” - > “Audio” - > click the “gear” next to the desired audio zone, in this case the mentioned receiver - > Under the “playback” tab you will see the following:


Thanks Eric, I checked there, no luck…

I have nothing like that - I’d send you screen shots if I knew how…

I have “Bit-Perfect Format Support”, “Use Exclusive Mode”, “Work around drivers that misreport device capabilities”, “Use Event Driven Mode”, “Buffer Size”, “Max Sample Rate (PCM)”, “Max Bits per Sample (PCM)”, “Channel Layout”, “Send stereo/mono content as 7.1”, “Swap Rear and Surround Channels”, “Multichannel Mixing Strategy”.

That’s it…

What operating system is your remote screen using…perhaps some screen capture guidance can given based on that.

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The DSD Playback Strategy setting is only available in exclusive mode, and requires that your device support at least 24/176 playback. Whenever those conditions are not met, it behaves as if it was set to “Convert To PCM”.