DSD to PCM Why can't i figure this out

Roon Core Machine

Mac Running Catalina 10.15.7
3.2 GHz Quad Core Intel i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NAS Storage Netgear
Ethernet to Streamer

Connected Audio Devices

Pro-ject Stream Box 2 Ultra USB into Gustard X16 DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I play DSD64 file but Roon converts to PCM 352.8 kHz please see signal path photo

If I plug a hard drive into the Pro-ject DSD works perfectly but as soon as i use Roon it converts it to PCM it used to work but uncertain what has changed thank you

Show us a screenshot of the Audio Settings for this Zone, please?
Settings-Audio-Roon Ready-Pro-Ject…

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Is this what you are looking for ?

Sorry, thought the Pro-Ject was an audio device…
What Gustard DAC do you have? And are you sure it accepts DSD? Please try and set the DSD mode in the Pro-Ject to DoP, that will likely fix your issue.

Gustard X16 yes I play DSD files from a Hard Drive plugged into the USB of the Pro-ject Streamer and then USB out to the Gustard X16 USB input so no problem with either device handling DSD files it only happens when I use Roon but the funny thing is it used to work perfectly but something has changed and I can’t figure it out

Not the information requested. From your OP you wrote that the Stream-Box is driving the DAC via USB connection, so the zone you showed settings for isn’t even used.

I’m sorry I am a little confused about what your saying, I posted a screenshot of the audio settings inside Roon then I posted some screenshots from inside the Project app. Which part are you referring to ? That screenshot you posted is the settings for the Project Stream Box from Roon

Thank you for the complete screenshots (now also showing the bridge device). As Roon uses the reported USB device capabilities and it looks like there are no DSD options present, the error (mis-reporting) is probably caused by the Stream-Box. Have you tried and rebooted the Stream-Box (and the DAC)?

Disable the volume control in the Settings.

Yes I did a factory reset on the bridge and powered down the DAC as I said playing DSD from a connected Hard Drive works perfectly it’s only when I stream through Roon to the Bridge Roon converts it’s to PCM
The first photo is playing DSD64 file from hard drive connected to Project Bridge
The Second photo is the same file DSD64 from my NAS to the Project Bridge

I think @Burkhardt_Petermann gave the probable solution. If you want to adjust volume from within Roon you can but your setup will need to convert to PCM to do it. Set your volume control to “Fixed Volume” and see if that fixes it. You won’t be able to adjust volume in Roon but the front panel and remote should be OK. Fixed volume will be maximum output so remember to wind the volume down manually before attempting to play anything.

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I have done that and sorry to report but no change please see photo of signal path

Unfortunately that has not rectified the problem Roon is still converting DSD to PCM please the 2 photos above

@BlackJack is correct, it’s in the Pro-Ject setting you will find any misconfiguration.
But you should not have device volume active anywhere.

I have found a problem in the Pro-ject settings under the Roon Ready Playback Options I have 2 choices from the drop down menu
Direct and Direct Over PCM (DOP) but every time I select DOP and save I go out of settings them back in and defaults back to Direct DSD please see photo, I have tried restarting and resetting to factory default but that setting keeps defaulting back to Direct

That’s a bit strange, but not decisive. Your Gustard X16 is said to be capable of replaying both Native and DoP DSD… Still. this is not a Roon issue, it’s something amiss between the streamer and DAC, or possibly something might have happened to either of those.
Can you try and attach the Gustard to a PC/Mac with Roon installed. Can this unit play back DSD?
And next test, try and attach another USB based DAC to your Pro-Ject, to see whether this one can play back DSD…

Ok I plugged the Gustard into the mac and played the same file and yes I now get DSD playing through the DAC please see photos

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 4.21.37 pm