DSD tracks missing under album in Roon

My system is a Mac mini wired via ethernet cable to a network switch, and the NAS connected to the same switch.

After getting Roon to connect consistently to the NAS drive, and after a rescan I have discovered that the majority of the DSD albums I have are missing tracks in Roon. I have confirmed the files are on the NAS in the album folder.

Any help or suggestions so Roon will see, and play these files is appreciated.

DSF or DFF files?

In the folder settings can you force a rescan and see if that changes the scan results.
Is it any particular track that is missing in each album e.g. First or last track?

Randomly checked two albums with DSD tracks missing, and one with all the DSD tracks listed. In this case all files are DFF.

Inn this case the missing tracks appear to be random. For example Chet Baker - Chet is an album with 10 tracks, but soon only sees tracks 1, 3, 6, 7. Then Hugh Masekela - Hop is an album with 12 tracks and roan sees tracks 4, 7, 9, 12. The only thing in common is that both albums only include 4 tracks. I have forces a re-scan, but will try that again to see if it changes the results Honestly I did not document the tracks capture in the previous rescans. Maybe the tracks numbers or the total number of tracks will change. Let you know if the results change.

Try converting or re-extracting to DSF.

My guess is also that the DFF files are the root of the issue too.

I had only a few DFF files and they were not consistent. Some would convert to DSF in a tool I tested whilst others would not. This means there was something odd about the files, container, header, whatever. This could be true of your files too.

Suggest convert them to DSF and see if the result improves.

Evan & Nick,
I converted the .dff files in the albums with the issue, and now Roon finds all the tracks in the album. Thank you for the guidance there. I also have albums with .dff files where all the tracks are found. Would you recommend converting them to .dsf to minimize future issues with lost tracks?

I recall seeing a technical explanation somewhere as to why certain DFF files are not recognised (I had the same issue on converting ISO images to DFF files. It had something to do with there being more than one DFF file type, one of which was never intended for consumer use…and thus Roon does not handle these. If a file is recognised there’s no need to switch to DSF, albeit DSF filec can be tagged whilst DFF files cannot, so in future you’re probably better off opting for DSF when given the option.

I would err on the side of caution and convert to DSF. It will avoid any future issues and allows you to tag tracks etc.

Thank you Nick and Even,
I will take the recommendation and side on caution. This should close this issue for me. I will now move onto investigating the last of my 3 problems.

Hey @Don_Ashley – looks like I’m a little late to the party here, but lots of good information here about possible causes for missing files.