DSD Upsampling Limitations?

I’m trying to use DSD upsampling on my iPhone connected to an iFi iDSD Nano BL. It’s connected to Roon over WiFi. This same Roon server has no problems with DSD upsampling to when using the Project S2 DAC connected to my PC, however, when streaming to my phone it won’t exceed DSD64.

Is this a limitation of streaming DSD to an iPhone or over WiFi?

Note: I should also mention upsampling at higher than DSD64 work with the iFi iDSD Nano on my PC as well.

Iv have some trouble exact that problem…when i tried the ALLO Bridge>Project Pre S2 DAC…Its connected to my ROON ROCK via USB now…can do DSD512 without hickups…Just sound tremendous…
What du you use to connect your DAC via wifi?

I’m using the Roon remote app on an iPhone.

Ok…Mean…wich device is DAC connected to?

It sounds like he is connecting it to his iPhone, so his iPhone is the endpoint feeding the DAC. I suspect that the issue is with iOS as an endpoint. DSD played back over WiFi might have dropout or stuttering issues, but, would not be a limiter in output resolution.

Daniel is correct. Roon —wifi—> iPhone —usb—> DAC

It seems that this is a limitation of the iDSD Nano BL. With the newest firmware, MQA is supported, but DSD-over-PCM support becomes limited.

With an older firmware I’ve confirmed that Roon correctly outputs DSD256 when upssampling.

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It is nice that iFI keeps the older firmware available to allow people to choose what is best for them. Serveral manufacturer’s put out an MQA update with similar reductions in other areas without warning users of what they would loose in terms of DSD.