DSD upsampling problem [Solved, Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator]

I enable upsampling to DSD 512 and got this error msg “An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware problem” after few seconds of playback. No issue with DSD256.

Music source is from local SSD, format is 24/96 and my CPU is Intel core i7 7700T and 8GB DDR4.

Are all devices wired or do you have wireless networking in the chain.

@Choon_Chiat_Pua Make sure to enable the parallelize sigma delta modulator opinion

Did you try 16/44.1 instead of 24/96? I know hi-res PCM when converted to DSD is extremely resource intensive.

I tried 44.1/16 and the results remain the same.

@wizardofoz, Tried and result is remain the same. interrupt after few seconds.

@Ratbert, the music is up-sampling and usb audio output at same pc.

Is the USB port usb-1 or usb-2 capable?

What is the processing speed indicated…if it’s below about 1.4 your system might be the bottleneck, but as you noted it’s an i7-7700T it’s should be enough.

What DAC are you using and what drivers wasapi or asio

@wizardofoz. I’m using usb 2.0. My dac is Sony TA-ZH1ES can support up to dsd512.

What’s is 1.4?

“1.4” refers to the processing speed. You can see what yours is by looking near the top of your signal path. There’s some info in the Knowledge Base here. Scroll down to where it says “Pay attention to CPU Usage.”

I saw the CPU usage is below 20% .

The cpu utilization doesn’t give the real indication. What is the processing speed indicated in roon?

The processing speed is 0.6x to 0.8x when upsampling to dsd512.

Use the processing speed indicator to get a sense of how “close to the line” you are. Numbers below 1.0 mean that the CPU on your Roon core is not powerful enough to execute the configuration you’ve requested.

From the KB page linked above.

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@andybob, My processor is Intel i7 7700T. I’m curious what processor can do upsampling to dsd 512 without issue?

What other DSP functions are you using…must be more than just dsd upsampling

I’ve seen screenshots of Roon upsampling Redbook to DSD512 on an i5. I would have thought an i7 7700T would be fine. Let’s drop a flag for @brian and see if he can spot any issue here.

Can we see a screenshot of your whole signal path?


I attached 4 screenshots. Error Msg, audio path, settings and CPU usage.