DSD via uR+Mutec MC3+ USB - are these conversions normal?

I am aware that I can’t play native DSD files directly via my Microrendu + Mutec MC3+ USB combo. I then go into a Naim NAC 272 digital input.
I had to put a max sample rate for PCM at 192kHz otherwise I’m not having a signal (probably due to the Naim NAC272 limitations).
However, I’m wondering if the signal path I’m seeing and the different conversions are what is supposed to happen.
In particular, I’m wondering about the 3rd step which does Bit Depth conversion - not sure why this one is happening? is there anything I should change to optimize the stream or all is good?
(PS: I tried to DoP but it doesn’t sounds as good as DSD to PCM conversion.)


As of yet, there appears to be no Linux patch available for native DSD with the Mutec. More info here:

You signal path looks fine, given the constraints of the hardware. Roon increases bit depth to 64-bit to create more headroom for its DSP functions (the conversions in your path). Your equipment however cannot deal with 64-bit, hence the final step to 32-bit (after DSP processing).

As for DSD/DoP versus DSD>PCM with the Mutec: I guess you’ll have to trust your ears on that one. :slight_smile:

@RBM thanks lot for your super fast answer!

From the way you answered I take it DoP would supposedly be better than DSD to PCM?
Then I probably need to better tweak my system…any special setting I should try?
Thanks again

DOP is straight DSD just delivered in a PCM wrapper. However, it is certainly fine to prefer PCM over DSD

Hey @Miles_B – no hidden message in my answer. :slight_smile:

As with anything audiophile, tastes differ: some preferring DSD, some preferring PCM. Since the Mutec is an excellent PCM clocker, I’m not surprised by your preference – but your ears are really the only ones that matter here!

fantastic gents, really appreciate your input :slight_smile:
I love this place.

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