DSD will not work anymore, did HQP break my DAC?... can't figured out what happened

I had DSD128 working in HQP fine but I changed to listen in PCM in HQP and played a dsf file and heard nothing just some pops. I switched back to SDM/DSD in HQP and now I cannot playback DSD all I get is white noise and my DAC display reads (352.8) and since this happened I cannot play any DSD files in HQP directly or Audirvana or Roon directly (same thing with just white noise)… It’s like all of a sudden my DAC won’t play DSD anymore and I have to convert to PCM?.. Did playing a dsf file in PCM mode in HQP and i just heard a couple static pops break my DAC from completely now playing DSD?

EDIT: It seems to have broken the usb port it was in on my MacMini because after switching to another port it’s back working… although this does kinda have me concerned using HQP if in fact playing a dsf file was the cause… I think I’m going back to Roon directly until I hear from @jussi_laako.

I just connected my MacBook to my USB DAC and DSD64 is playing fine through Roon… So what happened to my MacMini where no DSD is going through in any program, is there some other settings that are now preventing DSD playback?

Honestly I feel better it’s not my DAC as it’s a brand new Unsion Research CDDue.

Sometimes CoreAudio can get confused which results in no application being able to play properly. It gets back to rails by shutting down the machine to full power off and starting again…

I did power off a couple times but did not unplug the MacMini. What is the reason for the static pops when playing dsf files in PCM… It doesn’t matter if the DirectSDM is check or not…I’m just afraid if this will cause a problem with my DAC at all.

DSD-to-PCM is not supported through Roon yet, only within HQPlayer. Next version (3.13) is supposed to add that support for Roon sources too.

It should work if you stay within DSD all the time, IOW playing PCM sources upsampled to DSD too. That is how most people use HQPlayer anyway with DSD capable DACs.

Thanks, yes I have been using the dsd128 setting… But I mainly listen to rock music and kinda feel I may prefer PCM sometimes (sounds more forceful, especially with heavy music and not as relaxed if that makes sense)… It’s also just fun playing around with trying different settings and playback methods too.