Dear Sirs

I have a ROSSINI DAC. I’ve trying to play DSF to the
ROSSINI but I can not deseable the conversion to
PCM on ROON. If I play the same file with Audirvana
The ROSSINI display says DSD, but with ROON
24/35xxxx but not DSD

This is likely a configuration error in Roon and I’m happy to help with that.

From the Roon menu select settings and then select the Audio tab. Scroll down to the Rossini in that list.

Click the “gear icon” next to the Rossini and select “Settings”

You should see a window with two tabs. Select the playback tab and verify the following:

This screenshot is not the Rossini but the selections will be the same.

  1. In the list of sample rates DSD64 and DSD128 should both be green
  2. DSD Playback Strategy should be “DSD over PCM (DoP)” (there is a setting called “initial dCS method” and this is not the correct selection although the name would imply otherwise)
  3. Max DSD sample rate should be set to DSD128 or Disabled. With USB I always choose the maximum rate supported by the DAC and in this case that’s DSD128.

DSD with Audio Research GSi75
I set up my AR like the Rossini but it’s still converting to PCM . The DAC in the GSi75 says 384 and not DSD 64 any suggestions?