Dsd128 playback

Hello there,
I have a problem with playing back dsd128 material as it looks like I could not have an option to set it up in settings - audio - device. The hardware is Innuos zenith set up as a Roon core and files played from ssd, through usb to Ayre dx-5 dsd. As The dac specification it is capable to play back up to DSD128

recognized as an Ayre usb alsa Device as you can see on pics:

Can you provide a screenshot of Zone Settings (click speaker then the gears) > Device Setup. Thanks.

Unless, I’ve incorrectly identified the Ayre DX-5, this has no MQA capability, so No MQA Support should be set. This shouldn’t be causing the problem.

Also, I should have asked for a screenshot of the Signal Path. Can you share this?

Finally, take a look at the following page as it contains some troubleshooting tips:


Okay so I have changed it back to no mqa support, but your right no affect in dsd playback. Also taken a photo from the dsp settings as the interesting in the sample rate conversion panel if I choose the dsd the only option the dsd64 can be selected

So, to be clear, are you now hearing DSD64?

Yes that is working perfectly but if I goes up to 128 only dsd64 hits the dac and after about 30 sec it hangs playing back the track

Ok so here is the signal output for dsd128. It can be seen it is downsampled to 64

What innuOS device do you use? I think it may be useful to add this information in the subject so other innuOS users pick up on the thread. However, @Innuos may be apple to help directly.

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It is a zenith mk2 however the signal flow showing us the signal is touched before it is reaching the device.

Under device setup, can you change “DSD Playback Strategy” to “Native”?

These are the opts I have

Roon does not see your DAC as DSD128 capable. Can you provide a link to the specifications page that states it supports DSD128?

Enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator. See if this brings the processing speed up to > 1.3 . The 0.9x processing speed is the reason you experience problem after 30 seconds.

@Szabolcs_Erdesz Reading the manual for your dac it’s supported output resolutions are listed below, note 2.8224MHz is DSD64

Analog Audio – Frequency Response (“Measure” Mode)
Disc Types
Power Consumption Dimensions Weight
Pin 1 = Ground
Pin 2 = Non-inverting (Positive) Pin 3 = Inverting (Negative)
DC - 20 kHz (44.1 kHz sample rate)
DC - 22 kHz (48 kHz sample rate)
DC - 40 kHz (88.2 kHz sample rate)
DC - 44 kHz (96 kHz sample rate)
DC - 80 kHz (176.4 kHz sample rate) DC - 88 kHz (192 kHz sample rate)
DC - 100 kHz (2.8224 MHz sample rate)

Oh that is right thanks. This was confusing to me:

Thx this is strating to get chinese to me. :slight_smile: So how could i set this up in Roon and where

Enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator in Roon DSP engine. If that is not sufficient to allow you to playback DSD128 converted to DSD64 smoothly, turn off Native DSD Processing.

“2.8224MHz (2x DSD)” is likely a typo.

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Ok I found it and tweaked some settings in. So it looks like the zenith is not powerful enough to dsd resample. When the parallelise sigma delta modulation is switched on it plays twice long the time until it hungs. So the only choice is to choose the pcm conversion which is working flawlessly. Or the other is to downsamle the files with a 3rd party software to dsd64 first than adding them to the library… I will try which is the better result, I assume the second one as it can be played without preprocessing, but I will try and come back to you what I have heard.

Thank you guys for the quick and excellent support :slight_smile: