DSD128 through Mytek Stereo192-DSD under OS X

The Mytek uses custom drivers for both USB and Firewire under OS X. Currently, they do not have a USB driver that works under El Capitan, so I’m connecting over Firewire.

With Audirvana Plus 2.4, I can play DSD128 through the Mytek by selecting DoP 1.1 as the encapsulating method. If I select DoP 1.0, I’m limited to DSD64, while DSD128 is down sampled to PCM 176.4.

With Roon 1.1, I don’t have the option of DoP 1.1. If I select DoP 1.0, DSD128 is down sampled to PCM 176.4 as with Audirvana.

When will Roon have the option of DoP 1.1 encapsulation?

This feature is on our todo list, but it hasn’t been scheduled yet.

This DAC can accomplish DSD128 playback with Roon over USB, but for some reason Mytek have chosen to make that impossible over Firewire, and then neglected to keep their USB drivers in a working state. We don’t understand either decision, and have voiced our concerns to them over the driver situation a few times over the past year.

I’m sure we’ll end up supporting this at some point.