DSD256 crashes MS600 (solved)

I’ve added a few DSD tracks to my library, just to play around. DSD64 and 128 play fine, but one album in DSD256 makes my MS600 reboot consistently after playing any of the tracks for ~2-3 secs. Signal path looks normal (DSD256 > PCM384 > PCM88 > Meridian Streaming). All tracks play fine on my MacBook locally.

Just reporting – I’m in no way dependent on DSD.

I’ve tried DSD256 on MS200 and ID41 so far but not MS600. Do you have any other Sooloos zones to try?
Just wonder if it is specific to MS600 ?

I wish. :smile:

My other zone is an Explorer 2 connected to Core, which plays fine as well.

Hey, @RBM.

The MS600 reboots when whoever is streaming to it doesn’t send data quickly enough to keep up. This is a known bug in the firmware and Meridian is aware.

I’m thinking that the DSD to PCM conversion and subsequent downsampling in Roon is bumping into a performance limit on your machine. Your core has to work harder for Meridian streaming because of the last downsampling step (-> 88.2x). The explorer can take 176.4k directly.

I think we’re going to eventually need some settings for our DSP that say “my machine isn’t fast enough, please turn down the quality”. It would be good to get a handle on exactly where and how people run into problems.

What is the hardware spec on your core machine like?

@brian Snif… My poor little core…

It’s a 2011 Mac mini, i5 2,3Ghz, 8GB RAM, SSD. CPU is up to ~140% just before the reboot happens. When playing to the Explorer, it is at ~125%.

Update: You must be right. Just made my MacBook Pro (2014, Quad i7, 16GB RAM) core and it plays to the MS600 flawlessly, even over wireless. Roon CPU @ ~100%. Guess my life is complete without DSD256. :smile:

I wonder how this is going to work out with MQA though, but I guess it is a bit early for that.

MQA processing should be a lot cheaper than DSD256 -> 88.2k. There’s also a non-zero chance that Meridian will do the heavy lifting in DSP on the remote end, leaving Roon to do very little work. I doubt this will even be a factor.

@brian Just reporting: all other DSD to PCM algorithms work fine for DSD256, including Multistage (64bit float) (Roon CPU @ Core: ~127%). It’s just Multistage (Integer) that appears to be too much for the Mac mini i5.

Happy to report that the improvements in efficiency in build 29 are working out quite nicely here: DSD256 conversion, downsampling and streaming to the MS600 all running smoothly now.