DSD256 doesn’t work [Simaudio Moon]

Hi, I use QNAP 251+ connected to Simaudio Moon 380D DSD. Roon doesnt gime me the ability to change files to DSD256 only DSD128 (as a maximum rate). What should i do?

How is your Roon Core connected to the DAC ? DSD 256 is supported only via USB on the Moon. You may also need to instal a USB driver as per this guide.

Roon is on Qnap. Qnap linked with Moon via USB cable. This file can be put only under Windows

See this thread:

I’d suggest contacting Simaudio to see whether they support DSD 256 with non-Windows operating system.

Can you make a screen shot of your signal path? I expect it to be DSD over PCM (DoP).

As far as I know the QNAP’s linux kernel doesn’t have native DSD support so it’s reporting back to Roon that your DAC supports PCM up to 24/384 as well as DSD via DoP. DoP requires the PCM stream that’s encapsulating the DSD data to be slightly higher bitrate than the DSD stream so 24/176.4 can only hold up to DSD128.

In your current setup this is as far as you’re going to get.

Moon’s Windows driver is specially constructed to be able to send up to DSD256, but that’s on a supported windows platform only.

As far as I know none of the Moon DACs have been added to the configuration for the native DSD kernel extension so there likely aren’t any 3rd party endpoints that will work either.

At this point your options are to

  1. Connect a windows machine running RoonBridge and play to it over the network.
  2. See if one of the Raspberry Pi endpoint developers can add support for the Moon DAC

I chose option 3 (unlisted) and decided that DSD256 wasn’t that important to me given the total lack of real content in the format.

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What do you think Harry @spockfish and @Dan_Knight ? Is it feasible to add Linux native DSD support for the Moon ?

I already looked at it. It first requires a firmware update from Moon itself to expose the native DSD capabilities.

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