DSD256 stop playing after each track

Roon Core Machine

i5 Intel ROCK.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon stops playing after each DSD256 track.
This is only happening with DSD256, all other files are playing fine track after track, whole album.

Hi @MPV,
Can you complete this missing sections in your support request, the Roon team will need this information in order to provide the best support to you.

SOtM sms200 Ultra Neo to Chord Qutest.
54172 tracks

With no DSP is playing fine.When I ad eq signal is converting to PCM.Is this normal?

And network information please (router, switch(s), etc) and how you devices are connected to it)?

I know it’s a lot of details but equally playback issues especially with high rate DSD are often related to networking.

PS thanks for the signal path image (our posted crossed).

SOtM Network bridge is connected to my Asus Mesh node.
And that node is via wireless to main router.

Very weird…
It is only playing one track and than stops. I thought only with the new added DSD256 album…but No, also with PCM albums. It does not advance to next track.

Not sure yet but I strongly believe is the beta Private Relay. I turn it off…

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