DSD512 not display as option in ROON

I have a SotM SMS-200 ultra streamer connected to a Moon 280D DAC. They are both capable of handling DSD256.
However, the maximum DSD rate displayed in Roon is DSD128. Why is that?

Are you using DoP? I’ve seen other threads where it works once you switch to Native DSD mode. Give it a try.

If you are on a mac and using DoP you will get this situation.
See this: iFI Audio iDSD Micro - DSD512 capable but Roon displays DSD256 as max

GREG: I have tried every available option. The result is still the same. :slightly_frowning_face:
At the moment I have no need for DSD256 but as I intend to keep my new DAC for many years I want it to be future proof.

Hello @Kent_Pettersson,

The SOtM sMS-200 is a linux based platform, so the device must support native DSD playback via Linux for DSD256 playback to be possible. Without native DSD support, the device will be limited to DSD128 playback via DoP.

If you would like to stream DSD256 to the Simaudio Moon 280D, you currently have two options. The first is connecting it to a Windows based computer and using the ASIO driver for native DSD capability. Second, you can upgrade to the new MiND 2 streaming module which will support DSD256 via Roon Ready playback upon certification.


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Thanks John! That explains it.

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