DSD64 being converted to PCM. DAC DSD capable [Resolved]

I am a new Roon user. This worked previously but stopped working.

Roon Player running on 2012 mac mini, current update levels
DAC PS Audio Junior (DSD64 and DSD 128 supprted via USB)

Roon used to be able to play DSD 64 via USB but last night it started converting it to PCM when playing via USB.

I tried reinstalling roon after totally cleaning it off the mac mini but the problem continues.

There were some posts from 2016 that talked about DSD setting in the audio section for the USB device but I don’t see any DSD options there anymore.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This is the signal path output in case that is of any use.

Hello @Tim_Clark,

In the device setup window for your PS Audio DS Jr., can you confirm for me that you have “Use Exclusive Mode” enabled, and “DSD Playback Strategy” set to “DSD over PCM (DoP)”?


Oh yer good… :wink: I tried the Exclusive mode but didn’t spot the DSD settings as they were on the following page. Thanks a bunch. That got it. Please close the ticket… :slight_smile:

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