DSD64 does not work any more with the Matrix

I use a Roon Nucleus +, connected via Ethernet to a Lumin U1, connected via usb to a Matrix X-SPDIF2, connected via aes to the PS audio DSD dac.
I used to be able to play DSD64 files when the Lumin was connected di to the dac, but it doesn’t work anymore with the Matrix in the chain.
The ps audio accepts DSD64 on aes, so why not with the matrix ?

@wklie Hi Peter, from the Matrix manual, the issue seems to be that the Lumin is sending native DSD instead of DoP.
From the Matrix manual:
Note: When the front-end devices transfer DSD through Native coding mode, the SPDIF output will turn off, because Native-coded DSD signal can only output from IIS port.
How can I can I get the Lumin or Roon to send DoP to the Matrix ?
Thank you for your help.

The better answer here is get an HDMI cable and use the I2S out of Matrix to an I2S input on the DirectStream DAC. That will get you the best sound. Plus, you can send DSD128 and up to 24/352.8 PCM to the DirectStream DAC through I2S.

Thanks, but not an option for me at this point. I have an expensive aes cable that I cannot swap for an hdmi.

Even a cheap HDMI cable sounds better than the best AES cable from the Matrix SPDIF 2 to the DirectStream DAC. Really…and you get more flexibility with the I2S port.

Heck, if I didn’t use the I2S output o the Matrix SPDIF 2, I would scrap it and use USB straight from the Lumin U1 to the DirectStream DAC. Or, use the AES output of the Lumin U1 to the DirectStream DAC. If you aren’t using I2S in this scenario, the Matrix SPDIF2 doesn’t really bring anything to the table. It just an extra device in the signal path. The Matrix SPDIF 2s value is the I2S out…

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Lumin automatically sends native DSD to a native DSD capable USB DAC that is known to be Linux native DSD compatible. Not user configurable.

Lumin automatically sends DoP if the USB DAC is not known to be Linux native DSD compatible, or if USB is disconnected.

I thought everyone buys DDC for their I2S output.
I agree with Speed_Racer that you should consider trying I2S instead. You may use an inexpensive HDMI cable. Do not use a fiber HDMI cable.

Thank you for your quick reply.