DSF files - New Items in library tagging?

Thinking the answer here is gonna be “you gotta do it yourself” given the nature of DSF files, but just recently tried the CD ripping feature and I am hoping it will work the same for DSF files

1.- Tried the CD Ripping feature for the first time. I did not alter the ripped files, left everything default and noticed that the files were left in storage with a generic name, just the date and time the CD was ripped, then Roon did its magic adding it to the library and finding the metadata . That works great for me, so I can enjoy the ripped albums quickly with the decent metadata Roon gets, then later do my super OCD tagging, the “right way”. :smiley:
1a.- Just thought of this question - if I am feeling superlazy, can I have the Roon metadata somehow applied to the filenames?

2.- Here are the questions - If I stick freshly ripped DSF files in the Library, with no tagging, does Roon have the capability to identify it and add it to the library with the metadata? If not, is there a way to explicitly tell Roon that “this set of files are actually THIS release you know of” so they get linked together and show up nicely in the library, or maybe even (like in question 1a ) apply this “linked” (if possible) metadata to the filenames?

Hoping I was clear enough - but thinking all this is wishful thinking… Thanks in advance


Why don’t your freshly ripped DSF files have any metadata/tagging? All of mine do, although Roon does enhance it. How are you ripping them?

Oppo Universal Player - all I get from it is files with generic names with no tagging. I always had to use Picard to add some tagging - weird - is it supposed to do so?


Most of the time, I get album and track titles, sometimes artists, etc. What software are you using?

I rip to ISO (which I store on a separate NAS which gets turned off when I’m not ripping) and then use Sonore’s excellent ISO2DSF software. The DSF files usually do have some metadata but I find the data are poor (Album name is repeated in Artist field etc) so I then use MP3Tag to properly tag the DSF files.

Roon usually picks up the correct album but I do find that sometimes I need to add the SACD to MusicBrainz so that Roon recognizes the files.

The DSD ripping solution initially posted over at Computer Audiophile (Style) - Have the module that runs on the Oppo player and the command line tool that runs on the computer (ubuntu 20.04)… cannot remember the exact names at this moment…

Maybe the solution is to do some light easy tagging - I assume from your reply that Roon find the info based on for example just an album name, etc.

I do pretty much the same although I use newer ripper software and I see no reason to ever turn off my NAS.

Seems par for the course.

I do some light easy tagging after ripping/downloading but usually put them into Jriver first for a touchup before Roon ever sees them. By then, I generally recognizes everything.