.DSF files not showing after search in tracks [Answered]


I have enabled the path in the tracks view. If I search using something in a path name - which for example includes a folder name which is not an artist or album name - it pulls up results but omits DSF tracks (although includes DFF) and, it seems, tracks whose file names are prefixed with the album track number.

Am I missing something?

Roon Server is a headless install on a Windows 10 PC (connected to network via 1GBs Ethernet)
Roon Control is MacBook Air running latest version of Sierra (connected to network via Wireless)
Files are stored on a Synology DJ216Play NAS (connected to network via 1GBs Ethernet)
All hardware fully patched and running latest OS.
On 14 day trial so all Roon software is up to date.

Many thanks

Hi @Marcus_Russell ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

I just did a quick search on my end and am not seeing the same result (as seen in the screenshot below). Can you take a screen grab of the same window so I can see what you are seeing on your end?


Hi Eric

I was using the search option (top right)
I hadn’t spotted the filter option which I agree works fine - looks like the results on the search were where the album was ‘unknown’ so the search used the folder name as the album.

So my fault - didn’t fully follow the FAQ
Which does quite clearly show that you use filter not search - thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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