DSF - Nothing but static


I’m relatively new to Roon (did the trial and then took the leap). I’ve migrated from Volumio.

I currently have the following:

QNAP NAS (TS-453A) -> Ubiquiti LAN/WLAN -> R/Piv3 + ropieee + Justboom Digi HAT -> RCA -> Audio-GD NOS11

I was able to playback *.dsf perfectly well on Volumio with the above setup (except for ropieee, of course).

However, now I get nothing but static when I try to playback a *.dsf file.

If, however, I go into the device config., force a “convert to PCM” and limit things to 96kHz, I get audio. If I choose some *.flac files, they play back as expected at 192kHz (or lower).

I must be doing something wrong?

Can anyone share any insights please? Is it likley to be something to do with my NAS? My NAS has the latest firmware and is max’d for RAM (8Gb)



I might be blind, but the specs on this talks about 24/192 as the max with no mention of DSD. Maybe Voumio was converting it to PCM and you never knew?

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Hi, and thanks. You’re likely correct. But I find it surprising that I have to force a step-down to below 24/192. When leaving Roon to it’s own devices, and observing the signal path, it takes things down to 192, but there’s nothing but static. I can only assume it’s something to do with resources available on the NAS (assuming that the down-sampling happens there and not on the bridge) as my NAS was doing a RAID group scrub at the time. Will keep an eye on it…