DSF tracks do not display track number on Auralic Aries through Roon

Although my DSF files play very well, the track number stays on 1/1 on my Aries. See pictures.

Actually, no files show the track numbers on an Aries while using Roon. All my DSD, DSF, FLAC files always show up this way on Aries. I believe this is just the way Auralic has chosen to display the info coming from Roon. Everything should play in the order you have the songs set up to, yes?

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Yes they do play correctly. But then why would the Aries even display the numbers? It does it properly for my other files (mainly ALAC).

Through Roon it displays all your file numbers (shows something like 1/12, not 1/1) on all your other files except dsf files? It was my understanding when I brought up this issue months ago that it has to do with the way the info is handed off from Roon to the Aries. Through Lightening DS all files show up on the Aries screen, but through Roon only 1/1 shows.