DSM Unity Gain on Input with Roon Rock using DSP volume control

Hi. I’ve started using an HDMI input of my Klimax DSM to play 5.1 files from my Roon ROCK NUC.

It has occurred to me that it would be more user friendly to set the HDMI input to unity gain and control the volume with the DSP volume control in Roon. That way, I can dispense with the Linn remote or Kazoo and control everything with my Roon control point, an iPad, just as I do with stereo files sent to the DSM by Roon via Ethernet.

Although I’ll still need the Linn remote to switch on the DSM and select the relevant HDMI input, it’ll still be more convenient not to have to swap controls when selecting files that may call for volume adjustment.

What’s holding me back is that I nervous that at some point in future, say after a Roon upgrade, I may lose the DSP settings in Roon and damage the speakers with maximum volume. Am I just being a wuss here or should I worry about something like this happening?