DSOTM - hires from HDtracks

This just in…

Anyone know what mix or remaster it’s from?

Someone on the Steve Hoffman forum posted this yesterday:

“I just purchased The Wall from HDTracks. The PDF booklet states the 2011 remaster, but has a copyright date of 2016.”

Interested as well to know

I bought Wish you were here and that looks like a 2016 update as well.

Also the artwork for Animals is dated 2016. Though this one is 24/48 and not 24/96

Both sound great and the soundstage on Wish you were here seems really good.

These are also on Qobuz but not through Roon. I tried to favorite the hi res versions in Qobuz hoping they would pull over to Roon (like we are often forced to do for new releases), but it just favorited some 16/44.1 versions or no versions at all.

And someone reported on SHF that The Wall and DSOTM have alternate/edited versions of some tracks, but since I can’t listen to them through Roon, I haven’t done any sampling or comparisons for myself…but I am not going to purchase any via Qobuz just yet.

Think I will stick with my vinyl…:innocent:

I honestly can’t wait to hear these. I hope Qobuz/Roon get in sync, as I don’t have a way to play Qobuz natively on my main rig.

I like the 2011/2016 Guthries a lot, and from all trusted accounts, the recent 2016 vinyl reissues used the 24/192 files and the CDs were downsampled from the higher res files. I still have a soft spot for the Sax remasters from 1993-1995. I am only missing a couple of them.

My vinyl is all over the board, and like The Hammer, I am gonna stick with those…for some of the titles, particularly Piper.

I really can’t wait to hear Ummagumma, Animals, Obscured By Clouds, A Saucerful Of Secrets, and The Wall.

Oh! And Gilmour’s first two solo releases.