DSP active causes noise at beginning of track

I have another question, if you don’t mind…

I redid adjustments of frequency curve and RT60 (reverberation time) following the new acoustic layout of my listening room. I also improved the signal in ROON as you will see in the attached document.
Since then, I hear a rather sonorous “ploc” at the start of each record played (I say record not at the beginning of each piece of this record). Is this noise related to the signal improvement, or not ?
I specify that my link with the DAC (Merging-Hapi AES 67) is a direct link with Ethernet for stored discs in my iMac (and in WIFI for streaming).

Thank you for your opinion.

Hi @KDM,

I have split your last post into it’s own thread since this issue is not related to your backups any longer.

Would it be possible for you to record a short video/audio clip of this behavior?

If you disable DSP does the behavior revert to normal?

If I stop the DSP, the behavior is more erratic. Sometimes noise, sometimes not.
I can’t waste time making a video or a sound recording. I don’t have the equipment for that.
I will check my Ethernet connection (between iMac and Merging Hapi) first.


Hi @KDM,

If this behavior also occurs without DSP active, this suggests that the issue could be elsewhere. I would check the hardware first:

  1. Are you using the latest firmware on your DAC?

  2. Does this same behavior occur if you connect the Core via Ethernet?

  3. Does the issue happen with regular DSD files (no up-sampling)? You can download a few DSD samples fro the 2L Test Bench.

1° Yes

2° The core is my iMac connected via Ethernet

3° Impossible to download from 2L : Klicktrack has been shut down

Hi @KDM,

I just tried to download a DSD64 file from 2L and it seems to work fine for me, what do you mean by Klicktrack?

When I click on your link then on a title, I receive that :

Dear valued customer!
Klicktrack has been shut down, and it will no longer be possible to purchase from our site or download previously purchased products.
We have been very grateful for your continued support.

Kjære kunde!
Klicktrack er lagt ned og og kjøp av produkter samt nedlasting av tidligere kjøpte produkt, er dessverre ikke lenger mulig.
Takk for følget!

BUT, I can download a DSD file, specify only where to click… OK, let me download and check. I’ll tell you.

Another question : I was downloading a CD from my computer. There are 16 tracks on it. Only 12 have been copied on Roon… Why ? (I did it several times : always the same result : 4 tracks are missing at the beginning of the record)… Any help ? Thank you.

Hi Kostia, take a review of this and see if it helps:

(especially looking under Skipped Files to see if there is a reason).

I can’t download the 2L file : always an unknown error when downloading.

I will keep things as they are. The mysterious “ploc” comes maybe from the Ethernet network or from the AES67 settings.

Ah, I think I see the issue here. To download the file, you need to right-click the “size” of the file from the desired column and press “Save As”. The “From the album” column just refers to additional info of the album 2L provided.

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