DSP Audeze Preset for LCD-GX

I know these are marketed as a gaming headset, but that is a huge disservice to them - this is not my sole opinion, but something of a consensus among headphone listeners on a variety of sites.

I’d really appreciate this being added as I’m an avid user of both Roon and the LCD-GX!

You need to ask Audeze as they created the presets.

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Alright, cheers. Any idea on the best way to go about doing that?

Mail them I guess. Website contact us?

Maybe @KMan can help?

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@MattG, @dhusky – Yes we plan add GX. Right now we are running a skeleton crew and our R&D team including myself are working from home, so we do not have access to all our toys we need to create the presets. We will add the presets once the current situation resolves.

When I find time, I will try to create a beta preset and share it here as a Roon convolution filter. Since I have access to a single GX and only my own ears for a measuring rig, it won’t be as rigorous but will be close.

Thanks for your feedback.


Great to know it is on the cards when sensible to do so. Hope you and the entire Audeze team are all safe and well.


Here are the presets for LCD-GX. These are convolution filters, you can download the presets (zip files) and use them.

Note the final preset that we will officially release may differ a from these, so treat them as beta.

Download Links:
LCD-GX Linear, LCD-GX Low latency


Thank you so much! You guys are amazing.

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