DSP chromecast group zones

Before I lock in my purchase I wanted to aske if grouping zones of chromecast and utilizing DSP on individual speakers is functional yet? Also if not are you aware of any applications that work as an extension to allow this?

Thank you.

Hello @Matthew_McCarthy,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your questions here. What kind of Chromecasts are you trying to group here, Chromecast Audio? If so then you would have to group them using the Google Home app and they would show up as one zone in Roon.

You can apply individual DSP to the zones if they are not grouped and if they are grouped then any DSP you apply would be sent to both of the Chromecast’s (since they show up as a single zone in Roon). If you would like to experiment with this Chromecast grouping functionality, I would definitely suggest trying Roon out by using a trial prior to your purchase.


Thank you for your reply. Are you aware of any casting devices like chromecast that would work in a group and be able to use the dsp individually in this fashion?

Sorry, I am using 2 chromecast Audio for this particular application. Une needs to be used as a low pass filter. the other high pass.

Hi @Matthew_McCarthy,

Thanks for your question here. Unfortunately, this will not be possible because when the Chromecast Audios are grouped they appear only as one zone and any DSP adjustments made for one will be also applied to the other one. May I ask what you are trying to achieve by having a low-pass filter on one and a high-pass filter on the other?


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