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Motu 8A connected to core via USB

Description Of Issue

I presently use DSP for stereo music playing out to 6 channels (subwoofer, woofer, tweeter on each side). I use Audiolense to generate a filter that creates a crossover and corrects the room acoustics.

I’m curious to see if there’s any advantage to doing the correction in two steps: A near field measurement to do the crossover between the Twitter and woofer, and smooth out any imperfections in the speaker. A far field measurement that integrates the subwoofer and correct the room acoustics as a second step.

I just want to know how Roon would compute 2 convolutions: is it additive or sequential, does the channel output of the second serve as the input for the second correction?

In the DSP section, one can add more than one convolution step. I want to implement 2 DSP filters: near field and far field

I tried it but it didn’t work as expected. The way I setup the cfg files was like this:
The first filter (room correction) sends input 0 (L channel) to output channels 0, 2, and input 1 (R channel) to output 1, 3.

The second filter takes input 0 and sends it to channels 0 and 2 on the dac (L woofer, tweeter), input channel 2 to output 4 (L sub), then input 1 to out 1 and 3 (R woofer and tweeter), finally input 3 to output 5 (R sub).

Roon shows 2 convolution steps, but with 4 paths each instead of 4 paths for the first step and 6 for the second step. So I’m a bit confused about how Roon routes the signal.

Hello @Omid_Mostachfi,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve forwarded your question to the technical team and your case is in their review queue. It may take a bit of time to receive some feedback due to the holidays, so thank you in advance for your patience here!

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