DSP engine configuration for Brooklyn

Hi everyone, I am new to Roon and am just starting to play around with settings and configurations. I am hoping to get some feedback on what others are having success with. For now, I am running roon server on a windows 10 machine. The Brooklyn is connected via usb to a macbook pro in my office. Everything is sounding good, and Roon is even controlling the analog volume control on the brooklyn via USB which is quite nice!

I have just started to play around with the SRC, and going back and forth between native sample rates, PCM upsampling as well conversion to DSD. Has anyone drawn any conclusions with these settings? Would love to hear thoughts and best practices.


Firstly there are no ‘best practices’ with Roon. Just its versatility which enables fans of particular setups to pursue their preferences. For instance my DAC is a bit smoother and laid back upsampling to DSDx2 so I listen a lot like that but upsampling to higher PCM rates makes very little difference. Best advice is to play around and settle on something you like. Also with a Brooklyn you have the MQA option which you can only take advantage of with no DSP at all as things stand now, so if MQA interests you keep that in mind.

Thanks, yes.

Converting 16/44.1 pcm to DSD seems to sound very good, but I would imagine there is a lot of bias happening in the back of my mind that may be leading me to this preference. I am going to continue to play around and have fun with it. Knowing myself, this will likely lead to HQPlayer.

I was thinking that a simple rules engine in the DSP would be a nice feature add. Pass through MQA, upsample 24/96, convert 16/44.1 to DSD128, etc. If it could all be pre-configured to happen on the fly it would be really slick.


It is always worth making a feature request of that suggestion. It seems to be doable and might gather enough support to catch the eye of the Roon crowd.

You’ve probably seen this but just in case…I think you can do most of what you suggest there with the “Custom” setting on upsampling. Only thing missing (for my DACs anyway) is a setting for MQA specifically (though am sure all the MQA) tweaks will come in with the Roon MQA release.

No, I hand’t! That is brilliant and precisely what I was looking for. Thank you. It does seem like MQA is likely to be incorporate given their roadmap.

Does anyone know what the Brooklyn is doing with inbound digital streams? Is there internal upsampling or any conversions happening?

Excellent, glad to hear it :grinning: