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First of all, I am really pleased with all the new features in 1.3. Finally a product I could use for all my needs. One thing I miss in the parametric eq section is to be able to set values below 20Hz. I understand that this is beyond normal human hearing but between let say 14 and 20Hz there is a lot of information on spacial clues etc. and it is also an area sensitive to room modes that have to be addressed. One other thing, It would nice to see which EQ preset is active.


@Sander_Kattenbelt: I too, would like to eq below 20hz. In addition to the reasons cited by Sander_Kattenbelt, the LFE channel spec goes well below 20hz. There are a number of movies that go down there and I’ve got useful response below 20hz in my system.

Agreed. But nobody at Roon team seems to care about that.

@NOA: It does seem that way. Perhaps it’s down to the folks at Roon having higher priorities. I’m fairly certain few Roon customers have useful response below 20hz and also use the built-in eq.

FWIW, I’ve been mightily impressed with the effectiveness of Dirac. It’s pulled me away from correcting the sound as I had been doing, which was to use Omnimic to tell me what numbers to enter into Roon’s eq. One of Dirac’s main strengths is that it not only addresses eq, it addresses timing. Dirac makes the point that a system with clearly audible (i.e. damaging to realism) timing issues can yield a flat frequency response, so that achieving a flat frequency response–as I’d been trying to do with Omnimic/Dirac–is not a satisfactory approach. More to the point, my best results results with Dirac clearly sound more “right,” more natural, than my best results with Omnimic data entered into Roon’s eq. I say this realizing that Roon has audio correction capabilities beyond the eq I was using, but when I looked into how I might take advantage, it seemed too challenging for my present skill set.

Also, the way Dirac is made available (e.g. in preamps sections, standalone preamps, separate processors) it can be applied to more sources than the limited number of sources that Roon’s eq touches (i.e. just the sources within Roon).

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Hi @Dennis_Hartwick,

Thanks very much for the interesting feedback.

At least I know that Dirac exists and I’ve heard some reviews about it. Unfortunately I do not use a device that allows me to use Dirac for a try, and because apart from a stereo system with a lot of boxes already I’m dealing with the added 7.2.4 system. So I struggle to go for another box / system solution.

I basically can agree from my experience that ANY EQ in place degrades organic sound performance, but especially ‚automated‘ ones like measuring some points and using convolution. Full range also is a no go.

I’m using REW for basic measurement and apply EQ (quite many bands) but exclusively manually while respecting excess group delay phase issues as well as the most important measure- the ears- with going back and forth over weeks when something changes in m system, until it’s satisfying. Mainly to address room modes im my concrete bunker, and nothing above 200 Hz. This way the upsides are greater than the downsides. A good compromise, as most of the time. Important is a very good power supply and cable for a capable Roon server once DSP gets it into higher CPU usage.


Doesn’t Dirac re-sample everything to 48 or 96 (depending) for its own processing?

I‘m not familiar with Dirac somebody else needs to enlighten us.