DSP - EQ setting - 2 different IEM's

I have to different IEM’s:

  • Meze Rai Penta
  • Astell & Kern Pathfinder

that I use with to different DAC’s:

  • IFI Go Bar DAC
  • Topping G5

For Meze Rai Penta I have now found EQ setting:

Let’s a some that I now add these settings to Roon for IFI Go Bar DAC. If I than use Meze Rai Penta everything would be fine. But if I use Astell & Kern Pathfinder with IFI Go Bar DAC than the settings would be wrong.

How do I handle to different IEM’s with the same DAC?

THX :slight_smile:


You setup and then save the respective filter sets as a preset each, which then you’d have to choose from the DSP menu when switching headphones.
When setting up presets with descriptive names, you can even select them from a mobile phone with the restricted UI.
I don’t think there’s any easier way…

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As Marin has described I have lots of DSP presets some for my different headphones.


@CrystalGipsy + @Marin_Weigel - THX :slight_smile:

It seems to be a many different settings (internet). What is your favourite source?



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Same here.

THX for support :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


PS: Not sure what this means :slight_smile: But sounds great

Oh :slight_smile: It says:

“You can use filters 1-5 or 1-10. Apply preamp of -5.9 dB”

But where to adjust “Apply preamp” in Roon setting?


That is headroom drop it to what they say in headroom management and enable the clipping indicator as you may need to apply more. It will show as red when samples clip you will hear it for severe clipping.

You don’t need to use peq you can download the two impulse response wav files for each setting then zip each pair up and use Roons convolution engine to apply them.

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Either in headroom, as @CrystalGipsy says, or drag the slider to the right of the graph down (same effect).

Reason being that you don’t want overall gain (look at the white curve depicting the overall response), since that’ll cause clipping with material that already reaches 0dB in the respective frequency regions.

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THANKS :slight_smile: Still have a lot to learn.


There is a Feature Request here One Device, Multiple Speakers/Headphones that will permit one Endpoint to be listed multiple times but with different DSP profiles.

So a headphone DAC/AMP with DSP profiles for different headphones used
Or an endpoint that either has speakers and a Headphone output that requires separate DSP profiles.

If you feel if this is worthwhile to you, please give it some votes.


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