DSP equalizer? iPhone

I use iPhone 11 and the app
How do I to use parametric equalizer
Now I can only turn it of and on?

Full DSP controls are in Roon’s UI on the PC, Mac or Tablets. Smartphones do not have the full DSP functionality in the UI.

Not my iPad 2
I only got roon arc and roon 1.8 when I searched at AppStore
Is it too old?

Hi @Urban_Karlsson, which type of computer are you using for your Roon Core (Mac, PC, Linux, RoonOS Nucleus or ROCK), and what version of Roon are you running for your Core? Version 1.8 is viewed as a Legacy Build and does not support ARC, but does allow you to use Roon if your Internet connection is not working. The iOS Appstore references this build as Roon Remote (Legacy).

Roon 2.0, the latest version which can be downloaded from the Roon website here:

and supports ARC but requires an always-on internet connection. The normal “Roon Remote” download on the iOS Appstore is for version 2.0. Both your Core and all your Remotes need to be running the same version of Roon, all either 1.8 Legacy or all 2.0.

As @Geoff_Coupe notes, you need to run a desktop version of Roon to configure DSP equalizer settings for any of your endpoints, including phones.

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