DSP features add distortion and artifacts?

Hello folks. I’ve been using Roon’s EQ to trim Bass region that’s especially offensive in my space (36-41hz). I noticed that distortion and sound artifacts are introduced as well. I also tried it with other DSP features (speaker setup) to double check if it’s only EQ. It is the same. When I play through without any of Roon’s DSP features, sound comes through perfectly “clean”. It’s very distinct, especially with louder passages. Anyone else noticed such behavior?

Here’s my setup chain: Roon (exclusive mode) on my PC → USB → Topping DX7 Pro → XLR → Buchardt A500 (in near field setup).

Thanks in advance.


You’ve probably already checked this, but you might try having a look at Headroom Management in the DSP section. This should not be an issue if all you’re doing is trimming levels rather than boosting, but if you’ve not already done so, you can turn on the clipping indicator in the Headroom Management section and take a few dB off the gain. I had to take mine down -3dB after setting up convolution filters because I was having the same issue on louder passages. Should be worth a look if you haven’t checked that option already. Good luck.


I have not checked this before. So thank you for this. It solved the problem. Greatly appreciated.


DSP can add distortion and artifacts. Check what @SisyphusStone pointed to, headroom.