DSP filters or settings to improve early '70s analog recordings for streaming?

It is far to often I find old recordings of once luved music to be put off by the quality of how the recording was mastered.

I’m thinking I would benefit from DSP settings in Roon and thougt folks might want to share settings that they have tweeked.

Rolling Stones/Who/Jefferson Airplane/Pink Floyd/Doors/Hendrix… Think this sample of artist will give you an idea of style.

Source Tidal & Qobuz mostly.

Pink Floyd are normally cited as some of the best recorded albums so not sure what you are gearing that needs correcting?

Maybe not much of the PF stuff but much of the older analog mastered records seem muddy. T Rex is hard to listen.

This reminds me of a previous suggestion: per-album eq settings.

T-Rex recordings are actually very good sounding recordings, Tony Visconti doing a pretty good job producing. However the later remasters are horribly brickwalled.

I haven’t found any HQP filter that can undo brickwalling, so I’d be surprised if Roon had the solution. Getting early masters with dynamic range intact or vinyl is your best bet for these albums.


Thanks John.

It was always a suspicion that filters are not a clear solution. I was simply hopeful some folks had filter suggestions that would help thus saving me time.

I am not certain if the TRex I attempted to stream was remastered or not. Will be more discerning and look for original mixes and give it a try again. It is so hard contrasting the mixes of many of the newer artists with memories of my youth. The old stuff is simply “muddy” sounding too often. Dag it.