DSP Filters (Sample Rate Conversion)

I am using Dell Inspiron i5 3210 with 8GB Ram (1600Mhz) and Samsung 860 Pro 1TB SSD.

My stereo setup is Q Acoustics 3050i, Rega Brio 2017 Amp, Topping E30 DAC with AKM 4493.

I use Qobuz Hires downloaded offline and online files for listening.

My Questions are as follows:

  1. To Upsample or not to?
  2. Smooth filter or precision filter?
  3. Linear phase or minimum phase?
  4. MAX PCM, MAX PCM Power of 2, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 or DSD512?
  5. 5th Order, 7th Order, 5th Order Clans or 7th Order Clans?

How can I get the best sound outta my system using the Roon features.

Thanks & Regards,
Varun Khanna

Not what you want to hear, but there isn’t an answer. You have to experiment. I can only say that upsampling to high DSD rates is very CPU intensive, your server may not have the juice.

You may hear significant differences when you try things or you may not. It’s both setup and listener dependent. Try changing one variable at a time and see if you hear a difference; if you do, they if you like one setting more than another.


As Danny2 mentioned above, only you can tell what sounds better. I would read and learn what the differences are between the options. Then play some music changing one thing and take notes on which you prefer.

I would start out by learning about and then evaluating # 2 and #3 first. After that I’d dip my toes into upsampling by choosing Max to the power of 2. And then revisit #2 and #3 as your impressions may change when upsampling is added into the mix.

Personally, I like the sound of precise minimum phase using Max Power of 2, for PCM sources. For DSD sources I use DSD 256 with 7th order Clans.


Thank you, Daniel.
I will also start using the PCM Power of 2 for PCM Sources (Qobuz Hires files).

Since I don’t have any DSDs, I will not use the DSD conversions.

I will try with both smooth minimum and precise minimum filters.


With my Mytek Liberty Dac i thought DAD-Upsampling was the best withour comparing, after a while i disabled that and in my ears no upsampling sounded better.
But sure all that depends on the other circumstances, like the dac beeing used etc.

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