DSP from Android Phone app?

Pardon if this is a repeat, but I searched and didn’t find an answer.

I have the Room core set up on a NUC living happily in a media closet with the router, modem, and other connection and storage stuff. I currently have only three endpoints: a desktop computer (with good speakers), a “good listening” living room endpoint (Roon->Cambridge CXN->Philips DFA1000 amp->Allison One speakers), and an Android phone for headphones.

Roon allows me to adjust the DSP for an endpoint by selecting the endpoint, then selecting DSP, and going from there. So far so good. I can fiddle with the DSP on the living room endpoint or the computer endpoint from the desktop just fine. The Android endpoint doesn’t permit me to adjust the living room DSP, though.

It would be very handy if I could adjust the living room DSP using the Android phone app rather than having to run to another room to adjust from the desktop.

Is the phone app just not robust enough for this, or am I not seeing some way to get to an endpoint’s DSP from it?

Thanks -

There is insufficient screen space on a mobile phone to adjust the filters (you can enable or disable presets and filters.) You’ll need a tablet for this, i.e., a device that can display Roon in landscape, which is highly recommended for controlling Roon.

You need a tablet or PC to set up DSP. Then save each one as a preset. Presets can be easily loaded up using the phone app. There isn’t enough real estate to make it work on the phones screen in its entirety. If you want to adjust on fly then you have no choice but to use pc or tablet.

It’s purely a screen real estate issue, unfortunately. You can switch presets from the phone, so if you set things up the way you like, you can get to different configurations.


It is understandable not allowing to set up DSP on a small screen but i think it is a pleausure to allow change the presets what are there and ready!