DSP Mixer vs. Stereo output

Do I have this right? If I activate DSP mixing to remap the surround channels, it effectively overrides my selection of “Send stereo/mono content as 7.1" = No.

I’m finding that if I want stereo content output as 2.0 over HDMI there are two options: Set the HDMI output to 2.0, or deactivate the DSP Mixer. I want the mixer only for 5.1 content (to fill 7.1 speakers), so the 2.0 mode is not useful. But I need stereo content delivered as 2.0 so I can upmix it downstream.

Is there any way to change the priority so that the choice of “send stereo/mono content as 7.1” = No (meaning I want stereo content to output as a 2.0 stream) overrides the DSP mixer? Or some other workaround?

Hi @Roger_Dressler,

What does the Signal Path show when you have this kind of setup in place?
If possible can you share a few screenshots by using these instructions?

– Noris

Thanks Noris. Here’s the screenshot for the Procedural EQ (Mixing) activated case that causes the stereo problem.

Hi @Roger_Dressler,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot.

I checked in with the technical team and the behavior that you are describing is not possible at this time, so I have gone ahead and moved your post over to our “Feature Request” section of this site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on this category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.


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