DSP not applied to Sonos when grouped


Following on from Sonos parametric eq I just wanted to report an issue where DSP is not applied to Sonos when grouped.

  • Sonos devices are grouped using Roon
  • Parametric EQ, Headroom Management and Sample rate conversion are applied to "TV’ and “Bookshelf LR” devices. In fact, these are the same settings saved as a preset.

Could you take a look into this please?

Let me know if you need any further information, access to any logs etc.


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This is the expected behavior.

Thanks @peter_richardson - that makes sense!

Given that the complexity is around different DSP settings across grouped devices, and therefore separate streams that require sync, I wonder if a single set of DSP settings might be applied to the whole group in a future release? (i.e. single stream with a shared set of DSP sent to all devices in the group).