DSP on Roon ARC.. obviously not at the moment

My previous post regarding any plans to implement DSP on Roon ARC was actually already closed and I understand it isn’t in the roadmap. Let me however open up a little bit more.

One of the main reasons I’m using Roon is actually the DSP feature. Both using speakers and with headphones via my iPhone. At the moment just at home, unfortunately. On the road I can just use the Qobuz app directly. :slight_smile: But I understand that this is only my specific case… Thanks and keep up the good work!


Same here. I don’t have a huge number of files, I mostly use Roon with Tidal to utilise the DSP features and upsampling.

I didn’t really gain anything from 2.0 to be honest, but I still love Roon.

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I’d enjoy DSP with ARC… not that it’s needed but the geek in my would love to have convolution filters set for my car stereo using measurements taken from REW. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why the thread was closed because I was not involved with that, but I wanted to clarify DSP is 100% on the roadmap for ARC.


Great news @brian

Question: Safe to assume other platforms beyond iOS and Android are as well? I understand why these are logical first platforms but since I have 1Gbps up/down at home… I’d love to use Roon at the office on my laptop and other places outside the home with DSP, etc.

I was thinking exactly this - imagined myself sitting in the car with the UMIK mic :smile:

that’s excellent, thanks for confirming @brian !

looking forward to seeing the upcoming improvements to ARC

How do you see that panning out for possibly lower or very low bitrate files that roon has muxxed in order to maintain a connection?

I can only think that DSP is only going to have value with downloaded content.

I don’t see that. EQ is beneficial regardless of whether content is lossy or not. Many people have hearing imbalances, or age related hearing loss also, and make adjustments. Many other people EQ based on their hardware, which is no less applicable for lossy files.

We’re considering it. I wouldn’t say it’s safe to assume yet.

And Brian’s statement is also echoed in the Roon ARC FAQ here - ARC FAQ (roonlabs.com)

Search for “DSP” in the FAQ and the second (at time of writing) result in that document says…

Does ARC include EQ or other DSP functionality?

Not yet, but this is planned for the future.

Hmm… interesting. Seems like a no-brainer awesome feature for me but I’m sure there are other considerations I’m missing from your business side of things.

For me, even if you limited number of ARC endpoints per subscription, I’d be OK with it… I mainly want one or two “remote” stations for my office and maybe a traveling laptop setup.

DSP functions, Android Audio mixer bypass (similar to USB Audio Player Pro) and control of Roon endpoints would be very welcomed features. Keep up the good work!

DSP for ARC would be the „killer argument“ with respect to UAPP.
Main usage for me would be for headphones.

So, great to hear it is on the road map.

ARC is designed for touch. Max/Windows/Linux are not touch based. An app for those platforms could use the guts of ARC, but it would need a different user interface, which is almost like building half of ARC over again.

The frameworks that we used to build ARC do work for these platforms, so it’s a possibility from the technical side, but it’s not a simple thing to pull off.

I see… fair enough. I’ll hold out hopes the next version of “desktop” apps are built on the new platform and can operate as they do today… or in ARC mode for remote access. :slight_smile:

Beyond that, DSP for my iPhone so I can have a convolution filter custom made for my car’s audio system would be fun… silly but fun. This would also allow me to setup (for now) an old iPhone with external USB DAC for my office… and convolution there would be amazing too.

Great stuff, thanks to you and the team for all the excellent work!