DSP preset confirmation before executing

I run an active speaker setup, whereby Roon handles convolution crossovers.
I have a number of crossovers saved for different loud speakers.

By accident I have selected incorrect presets, which activates non suitable FIR filters for the speaker setup.

It would be great if Roon could ask for confirmation of selection, before the FIR/DSP is activated to prevent possible speaker damage or incorrect selection.

A simple confirmation pop up would be ideal.

Very likely, there will be as many opponents to confirmation dialogues, as there are proponents, so I’d almost bet Roon won’t change current behavior.

Best practice would definitely be to never change your crossover filters on the fly.

Hi Marin, I typically mute, and stop playback.
Sometimes accidents happen ;(

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Would a confirmation dialogue really help much, then?

Well in my use case yes.
My speaker setups are varying active DSP configurations.
One is a 2way, 15/3way, the other is a 3way, 12/mid dome/dome.
Channel assignment and crossovers are very different, of course.
So damage can happen.

I have once or twice selected filters on the fly accidentally, not even meaning to change filters.
A simple confirmation would stop incorrect execution.

I always thought this was enabled by the ‘Automatically Apply Settings’ switch. so when you change something it is applied straight away? I may be wrong, I don’t mess with DSP much.

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