DSP Presets - sorting order[TICKET IN]

Hi @support,

I’m not sure is this a bug or “as designed” feature but I have noticed that order of the DSP Presents seems to change. Would it be possible to have DSP Presets sorted always alphabetically?

Currently, if I open Roon to see my saved presets, those are organized in this kind of order.

As you can see, the Acourate and Acourate_2 are not located next to each other.

If I save and overwrite the Acourate_2 preset, order of the items seems to change and now Acourate and Acourate_2 are next to each other.

If I now close the Roon Server and start it again, the order of the DSP Presets has changed again:

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The whole preset thing could do with a bit of pampering really, but agreed the sort order should be consistent, and ideally sorted by user preference (alphabetical, date, reversed etc) or custom order.

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I can’t think of a reason why this would be intended, so I’m gonna go with bug. Nice catch !

I’ll put a ticket in to the internal Roon bug system when I get home later today.

Thank you Andrew! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Petri – we’re having trouble reproducing this.

Is there anything special about how you added the presets? Maybe the order you added them? Can you clarify the platform of your Core, the platform on which you saved and view the presets, and anything else that might help us reproduce this?


Hi @mike

The core runs on Windows 10, 64-bit.

I have so many DSP presets that, honestly, I cannot remember how exactly I have added each of them. Anyway, one special thing to note is that I have added different presets on different days. So the basic flow is such that I start the Roon Server -> create DSP settings -> Save them as presets -> Close the Roon Server at the end of the day. Next day the same flow, so I might add yet another DSP preset then. Therefore it is very much possible that I have added DSP presets on different versions of Roon Server too.

I know this isn’t much details yet but I hope this helps reproducing the issue.

Thanks for the insight @Petri, we’ll see what we can come up with!


Hi, @Petri, thanks for your help here! We reproduced this one, the ticket was put in for our developers.



Thank you for the update :slight_smile: