DSP Roon in combination with DSP SA active monitors

Hello everyone,

My question is as followed, i own monitors from the danish company System-Audio. The monitors are active SA legend 5.2 silverback speakers with built-in DSP.
Can i use Roon DSP and also the DSP inside the speakers? So i use then DSP twice.

Greets Jan

You might need to be more specific. You could certainly do sampling rate type DSP in Roon and room correction on the speakers but I suspect you’d need a good reason to go to that sort of trouble.

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I sometimes use roon with my studio speakers.

They are active PMCs with a sub and I send them an AES digital feed.

I feed them via an RME ADI-2 pro (which also feeds an analogue amp and my headphones).

It actually means I can do DSP in 3 places (roon, RME and PMCs).

I really just choose based on convenience.

I don’t do anything in roon, the RME does some eq for room correction, and the PMCs just do the crossover between sub and main monitors, and sub level adjustment.

I use the RME rather than roon because I also drive the monitors direct from Pro Tools, ad want to sill use the room correction.

So just use what work best for you based on the ease of setup. I’d try and avoid additional DA/AD steps if you can.

(I do use roon DSP in other zones to sort room issues)

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Hi Henry, that’s is what i wondering, the speakers have the type of DSP, i can’t shut off. They develop a room correction app, and if i use this, the app sent the correction to my hub (WiSa) and then to my DSP inside the speakers.
I can tweak my speakers also, they say about this:

RAM TWEAKS are sound optimizations that you download and install in your speakers. That way you get the opportunity to optimize the sound like never before.

What is happening when is use the DSP from Roon also?

I’d let the speakers do what they do. You can potentially optimise the signal for the speakers so if for instance they convert everything to 96k before applying convolution you can set Roon to send everything at 96k to save the speakers doing it. But I’d do it and have a listen to see if it makes a difference to you.

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I’d second @Henry_McLeod 's advice about sample rate conversion to lessen computing load within your speaker’s DSP engine.

Any other Roon DSP function will of course add to what your speakers do already.

You could always use REW with a microphone to measure room response and tweak with what your speakers settings allow to optimize, and, if adventurous or not content, do additional tweaking via REW’s/Roon’s possibilities.

I’d definitively not obsess about bit perfect replay, as that does definitively not guarantee best in-room performance.