DSP settings on version 1.6

Perhaps I’ve gone blind but since I updated to 1.6 I cannot see how to get into the DSP settings, I used to be able to via the cogs next to the zone name.

Any help appreciated


DSP is on the volume icon.

Hi Mike,

Right click (long press) on the Zone at the bottom right of the screen, or click the Speaker icon at the bottom right.

Cheers, Greg

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Tip - If you previously turned on and off DSP settings periodically such as to turn off EQ, etc. With Roon 1.6, it is now best to save DSP presets including one for ‘all off’. That way you can more easily toggle DSP on and off.


Hi Greg

Thanks, now happy


I think I’ve been using Roon a couple of years now and had never realised you could long press on the zone! :roll_eyes:

I have looked through the forum and searched, but is there anyone who can explain simply how I boost bass slightly (this is the only area I want to change) using DSP ?

Is that something like “low shelf” setting 60hz gain by 6.0db ? Q of 1.0

is this correct frequency to boost ? any by that amount ?

thanks in advance